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Honora Wolfe


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Having studied painting extensively at Ohio State University, my career took me in a different direction. I learned to design books, book covers, and print advertisements of all types instead of being a painter.

Starting again with watercolor art in 1999, I quickly learned that if you provide the quantity of practice, the universe will reward you with improving quality in your results as the years go by. Since 2007, I have been donating paintings of animals, refugees, wild places on our planet, and places of spiritual power to non-profit organizations of all types: well over 200 paintings in the last 15 years. It is truly rewarding to use whatever talent and skill I have developed to support causes I believe in.

I mostly make small paintings, no larger than 16X20” framed and usually smaller still. My experience is that a small painting is an easier purchase decision for many buyers, both in terms of price and where they may find a place to put it in their home.

Each year, as an additional fundraising tool, I create a calendar using images of my paintings, each year with a new theme. I also have a line of greeting cards.

While I paint all kinds of animals, I’ve learned that you can always sell a decent painting of elephants. People love them!

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