Susan Wasinger

Studio #12

1210 Lost Angel Rd, Boulder, CO 80304

Nothing I paint is real. Still, I am always trying to illustrate aspects of the world that feel real to me, even if they are not visible to the naked eye. It is the forces at play in the world, that I am always trying to capture. I am interested in painting things that are a glimmer on the edge of consciousness. I like to try to capture sparks of energy and movement in paint. I hope occasionally to illustrate what something feels like rather than what it looks like. I would like to make the inner workings of things visible.


The world is a complicated thing. There are layers upon layers and we often bounce around on the surface of things. My paintings are an attempt to make visible some of the forces at work animating our lives, the connections between things that we don't understand, the processes that take place in the background, the energy that propel us forward, the feelings that compel us in our actions. All these things leave tracks and traces in our lives, and even play sometimes in our mind’s eye. My work attempts to bring these unconscious machinations into the daylight, and hopefully bring a spark of recognition to the viewer.

Mixed Media

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