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The art work I share here is about a 2 year exploration into the world of "Ennead," an imaginary muse who easily transports themselves to a new world they discovered on a deserted beach in Spain. A lone stone with the symbol of a cross encircled is the portal Ennead uses to gain access to this mysterious place. Empty of any living beings, Ennead finds relics of days long gone, and a few materials that seem to have been used in an effort to create something new or resurrect what was before. Mysterious maps and books with symbols and formulas suggest that perhaps there is something that can be solved here. The question leaving Ennead with, "Is it good, or is it bad?"

Besides being an artist Sue is an Associate Professor in the Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Program in the Graduate School of Counseling Psychology at Naropa University where she has taught for over 20 years. She is the founder and director of the Boulder Art Therapy Collective (BATC), where a variety of art therapy services are offered to the community, including individual and group art therapy, open studios, work shops and trainings.

In 2011 Sue spearheaded the creation of the Naropa Community Art Studio- International (NCAS-I), which now operates under the name of Partners for Social Justice, a sustainable service-learning project with the mission to bring art therapy practices into international populations working toward social justice and human rights issues.

Sue has led month long trips to Cambodia with her students to work with local NGO’s that shelter women and children rescued from domestic violence, extreme poverty and the sex trafficking industry. The intention behind this work is to bring to awareness and engender deep compassion for the plight of the Cambodian people complicated by years of historical and generational trauma, while offering art therapy practices and trainings to the clinical teams of our partner organizations in Cambodia. The most recent iteration of this project was the planning and organization of an International Conference held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Nourish Wellbeing, in January 2018, that specifically addressed the need for self care of the caregiver.

Sue presents locally and nationally about the efficacy of art therapy, particularly as it relates to healing trauma and sustaining communities. Since she can remember Sue has used the art making process to make sense of the world and work through life struggles where words can not express. Her many years teaching art therapy and working with clients have helped to deepen her commitment to the arts for healing, both personally and interpersonally.

Her latest artistic exploration is an amalgamation of what she has learned from her own artistic process and the hundreds of students and clients she has had the pleasure to work alongside. It is a journey into the mystery, to the transpersonal, that both ascends to the heavens and descends to the depths and darkest places of the Soul.

Painting/Encaustic, Sculpture, Wood, Metal, Glass, Mixed Media

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