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Jeremy Walker

Stained Glass

415 Raymond Court, Lyons, CO 80540

I draw inspiration from nature, spirituality and archetypal mythology to create freelance and commission stained glass artwork, each piece thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to tell a unique story. To me, a successfully designed work of stained glass adds a unique sense of beauty, character and inspiration to a space. I love how stained glass has so many different aspects to how it can impact the observer. It can extend and complement architecture. It can make use of variations in texture, opacity, and iridescence to create a dynamic experience based on lighting conditions. It can communicate a profound depth of meaning through the use of visual metaphor. I particularly enjoy the exploration of this depth of meaning as conveyed through the dance of polarities and their evolutionary struggle for integration. My designs invite emergent meaning and I view them as teachers of wisdom for myself personally as well as all of us, collectively.

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