Pen Volkmann

Studio #7

3205 Longhorn Rd 4, Boulder, CO 80302

#4 - From Boulder, take Hwy 36 north, exit Neva Road, right turn on Golf Club Drive, turns into Pebble Beach Drive, 2nd house on left.

I have used visual art to express my deeply held beliefs and our connection to nature, (animal, vegetable and mineral) since I was a young child. First with crayons, then with oil paints and now I express those inner feelings with sculpting. I still love to draw, but many of my “sketches” are now in clay and later, bronze or ceramic. The feeling of molding a likeness of a soaring hawk, the forms of a flower, or a magnificent mountain-scape makes me feel closer to their creation. I want to share this joy of nature with everyone, especially those who may not see natural beauty in their daily life. And for those who do experience the wonder of the natural world, I endeavor to capture the accurate details as well as my feeling of awe.

I have been creating bronze sculptures over 15 years. Unlike many sculptors, I make my own molds, waxes, metal chases and most patinas. Because I don’t farm these important parts of the process, I can maintain quality and keep costs down. I will be showing tour visitors how the many steps of lost-wax casting are done, including the tools and materials used.

Sculpture, Ceramic, Metal

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