Patty Voje

St. Paul, Minnesota

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Juried Artist BPAF 2018

I grew up on a small farm where I had the good fortune to spend my youth surrounded by rolling hills, farm animals and woodlands. Now I find myself a city dweller that spends weekends driving through the countryside to search for the open land of my youth—scenes that are getting harder and harder to catch a glimpse of, which may be why they figure prominently in my art. I take any opportunity I can to immerse myself in nature painting. I’ve traveled extensively throughout U.S. and enjoy capturing scenes in national and state parks. Opportunities to paint new terrain and subject matter is my main incentive to travel.

I paint in the alla prima style, oil on gessobord. I am not the most patient person and can get easily bored with detail. I prefer a painterly approach: large brushes loaded with paint that is sloppily yet thoughtfully laid down. And therein lies the challenge of painting and why I’m driven to paint in the first place.


First Place Boulder Plein Air Festival, 2018

Honorable Mention Quick Draw Boulder Plein Air Festival, 2018


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