Trish Vitrano

Studio #43

3086 11th St, Boulder, CO 80304

I grew up in Ballybay, Ireland, a small town nestled between soft green hills, old castle ruins, and bogs the color of dark Guinness. My love of art began in this ancient land of Saints and Scholars. My art career however, took a circuitous route and would prove elusive for many years. After high school, I began my studies in civil engineering and soon realized this was not what I wanted to pursue. My father had just died and left a young family of six behind. The life I had known ended abruptly. Confused and with heavy heart, I left my home in Ireland for London where I found work at a photo stock agency. My yearning to paint was still strong, but I had to work a couple of jobs to survive in this fast paced city. Fate would intervene and the opportunity to visit California came along, so my sister and I headed to Santa Barbara in the late 80's. I finally acknowledged that art was my true passion, so I began my evening studies in painting and sculpture at the local college.

A young New Orleans writer arrived in Santa Barbara one year later and stole my heart. He convinced me that New Orleans was the place that would nourish my wandering soul and love of art. In 1995 we moved to the city in the swamp, where I finished my undergraduate degree in painting at the University of New Orleans. My travels had taken me from the bogs of Ireland to the swamps of New Orleans, where I was able to realize a lifelong dream, and eventually get my MFA despite the many roadblocks. I moved to Boulder in 2016 and inspired by the beauty of the mountains and easy access to nature began a whole new set of sculptural work.

The new change in my environment and this current political climate have both had a major impact on my latest creations. My new work has taken a more sculptural direction to create more visual impact and voice my concern for the environment and our rights as women.

I salvage sticks and branches from the banks of the Mississippi, creeks of Colorado to the shores of California and transform them into wall and free standing sculptures. Recycled materials, Japanese papers, gold and silver leaf and anything I may find on my studio floor help bring theses pieces to life. I find beauty in the scarred, broken and discarded and enhance their natural flaws. Each piece has its own theme and expresses it with beauty, harmony and a gentle fierceness.These sticks fight back.

Painting/Acrylic, Sculpture, Ceramic, Wood

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