Beth Van De Water

7422 Rozena Dr, Longmont, CO 80503

Between 16th and 17th St. - 2 blocks off of Yarmouth.

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I use ancient etching techniques to hand draw custom wearable works of art in silver and gold. A few of these pieces are made into limited edition intaglio prints. These adornments intend to promote messages of hope and inspiration. Through my work, I aspire to evoke positive changes in the ways we interact with each other and the natural world. Most importantly, my work elicits stories and conversations. My pieces each represent personal stories, but when worn by another, their story becomes the piece.

Matriarchal elephants repeat throughout my work with their strength of purpose--to protect their herd and mother earth. These large, graceful beasts may go extinct in our lifetime if we don’t transform the way we interact with them. Butterflies show our ability to transform—to transform our ideas, our habits, and our relationships.

Women's faces arise multiple times-- my daughter, my mother, my sisters, friends and women I admire from afar. Together we are powerful. Together we will transform humanity's relationship with our natural world.


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