Leslie Van Grove

Boulder, CO

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Each of us embodies many traits, often defining ourselves with a gamut of easily identifiable terms. To describe myself, for example, I use words such as: former high tech marketing professional; yoga practitioner and teacher; Brain emPower™ program founder; martial artist; gardener; artist and portraiture and fine art photographer, with over 40 years of exploration within this medium. Within these, seemingly fragmented, expressions that I have been drawn to explore, I have been given the favor of viewing through alternate lens into the world where the alchemy of magical creations manifest.

Beneath these quality are many layers of expression that make up the whole of our humanness. Individually, none of these traits, I that have described myself, can completely define me. They are merely a few of the many facets that collectively become an expression of the complexities of my unique soul. Within these terms express merely a layer of the emotions and characteristics that remain private, abstract, and often veiled to the greater world. Just as some aspects of our personalities, are obvious at first glance, others take time to comprehend, to reveal or may never expose at all — yet deep within the interior of each one of us, we feel them. As with the human expression, the art you observe is an expression of my souls reflection, just as the vessel that created it, may not be what it may appear to be at initial glance. It’s up to you, the viewer, to unveil the voice of creation and expression written upon the canvas and speaks to your imaginings.

This is the intent of the artistic expression that I have been given, to offer you to consider each image as it reveals itself in layers that you, the interpreter, find as a metaphor to your own experience and expression.  

All of the images represented are given birth as a photograph. Some of the images are enhanced through computer software, while others are left unaltered or lightly retouched for color adjustments that match the original perception of the human eye. As with any art form, the work is subjective and the interpretation and meaning lies in the eye of the beholder.

I have been told that through my art, I am able to capture a moment in time that gives the object a voice, to visually express emotion and allow the end result of my expression to speak to the inner wisdom and imagination in all of us.

We are each distinctive in our makeup of rich and varied traits. It is my honor and with gratitude to share a glimpse of my interior with you and hopefully stimulate an awakening into your own inner landscape.


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