Lee Turmala

3185 Sterling Cir, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

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I’ve been doing pottery for 40 years - all in my head. Stopping at each potters space at every arts and crafts festival I strolled through, I imagined myself creating wonderful three dimensional forms. So, after a full life and a first career, I put several loves together ... my pottery experience from high school, art nouveau, flowers, color and carving ... and look what came out!

A wonderful life ... and detours
Marriage, kids, business owner, brain injury, recession ... finally I took a class at The Boulder Potters Guild. Four classes and four decades later, I’m back at the wheel.

I enjoy two techniques: Sgraffito and Mishima. Scratching, carving, and cutting away parts of a surface layer to reveal the background is called Sgraffito. Mishima is the technique of inlaying slip or underglaze into a contrasting clay body. Artists have been utilizing these techniques for centuries.

When I design, I am guided by the form and respond to each piece as I decorate it. I love combining 2 dimensional art with three dimensional form in the art nouveau style and my own graphic style. Both Sgaffito and Mishima are long detailed processes. The creation of pieces with these techniques is therapeutic and fulfilling with exciting results.


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