Erin Teague

Boulder, CO

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One of my favorite things as a child was story time. I loved how stories could deepen my perception of the world and reveal to me that, despite immense diversity, we really all share the same grand journey. We all share the paradox of pain and love, struggle and triumph, and the choice to give power to the darkness or the light. 

The goal of my artwork is to unite us in the beauty of our shared imperfection and celebrate the courageous beauty of hope, imagination, and daring to dream and to celebrate the  choice to give power to our own authentic light despite the pressures to do otherwise.. 

I believe art can be more than a pretty thing hanging in our homes; it can be a touching point for who we aspire to be in our heart of hearts; a visual that serves as an anchor for what is important to us. Every piece I create is inspired by something that inspires me to be my best, most authentic self.  Because it is this space from which I create, many of my pieces come with words describing their inspiration source. I tremendously enjoy gaining insight from others' interpretations of my visual and written creations. I love how art naturally builds community because it often evokes conversation about meaning, struggle, and triumph in humanity. I believe my words of inspiration and the interaction with community are just as important a part of my art as the visual component.

My medium are pen and ink, pencil, colored pencils and acrylic paint. Many of my pieces are scanned from their original creation on paper, and printed on maple. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the organic, largely uncontrollable medium of wood with my controlled pointalism and colored pencil work. The wood allows me to experiment with different painting processes from acrylic paint to liquid bronze.

Painting/Acrylic, Drawing, Wood

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