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Erin Teague

Pen & Ink, Colored Pencil, Acrylic

4854 Brandon Creek Drive, Boulder, CO, USA

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One of my favorite things as a child was story time. I loved how stories could deepen my perception of the world and reveal to me that, despite immense diversity, we really all share the same grand journey. We all share the paradox of pain and love, struggle and triumph, and the choice to give power to the darkness or the light.

The goal of my artwork is to unite us in the beauty of our shared imperfection and celebrate the courageous beauty of hope, imagination, and daring to dream.

My choice of subject matter comes from this celebration, and the different patterns, dots, or images within the images, represent the chapters in our lives. They represent a journey into the pieces that make the whole. I am inspired by those who, despite the ugly and challenging chapters, choose to see and amplify beauty…to anchor their choices and actions in that beauty. I am inspired by those who journey inside themselves to discover/remember their resiliency and to author their next chapters from their strengths. What patterns do you like and want to repeat in your life?

What light do you choose to shine on your journey? What’s your story?

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