Brooke Sunderland

103 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302

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Hi! I’m Brooke, an emerging artist based in Boulder, Colorado working under the moniker Hand of the Moon. After painting from my dining room table for some time, I was finally driven from my house by cats and a toddler. I split my time between parenting and painting. I now make work in a shared studio space and am always learning from my studio mates.

My work is a product of a need to create and a need to process the human experience. I find myself most struck by the simple, yet powerful themes of our human capacity to heal, expand and connect. I’m inspired and informed by symbolism, astrology, tarot, meditation and the cosmos. I am most comfortable in ink and watercolor, but am beginning to include some other mediums as well.

Watercolor, Ink, Digital Ink

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