Susan Helen Strok

1019 Neon Forest Cir, Longmont, CO 80504

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My work is classically rendered in pencil and paint, exploring the deeper symbolic and metaphoric messages suggested by the form, both figure and object. The human figure is what truly inspires me. My work has just shifted into a new direction- sepia toned oil paintings inspired by old family photographs. Instead of using intense color to define and heighten figures, I have turned to a softer, limited palette. I'm fascinated by the subtle expressiveness of muted paint and the mysterious sensation of timelessnes that it offers. Without bold color, the work develops a deeper celebration of form, mood and environment. This work transports me back in time to wonder what it was like, how the people I am painting felt. I realize that as I paint my long ago family, I am celebrating their lives, and my history. I want to share this feeling of nostalgia with the viewer, and prompt them to think about their own family history.  

All of the paintings are done in sepia toned oil on cradled wood panels. Not only do I like the smoothness, but there is no framing needed. 

Painting, Drawing

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