Dori Stickles

4905 Osage Dr, Boulder, CO 80303

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I came to Boulder in 2013 after 14 years of teaching art for Baltimore County Public Schools had taken its toll on my body. Since then I have concentrated on watercolor painting so that I can alternate between sitting and standing. My artwork shows my gratitude for the natural world. Working from my own photo references I reveal the intricate forms I find beautiful. I prefer seeing things up close to highlight my discoveries on treks through the mountains of Colorado or the beaches in Alaska, but I also get inspired by the vast landscape. Painting something so detailed is a very meditative process for me. I especially enjoy the challenge of rendering the little details in a butterfly wing or the center of a flower. Using several carefully planned layers, I try to recreate three dimensions on the surface of the paper. The white of the paper creates the whites in my painting. It is a delight to see these objects emerge. Painting allows me to recall the joy of my initial encounters with these beautiful vistas. It is my hope that these paintings will bring the same joy to others.

Painting/Watercolor, Realism

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