John Sterner

Marshall, Minnesota

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Juried Artist BPAF 2018 and 2019

As an individual Artist my process for painting is procedural, I enjoy setting up my plein air easel, loading paints and arranging the panel. Doing the 4 value Notan sketch to prepare and drinking in the view. I love to listen to some jazz or blues and set the mood. When painting I try to emulate the moment I'm in. To paint the view I'am seeing and experiencing. I try to represent that view through my life journey and create an image that demonstrates that experience. I really love to capture the essence of the view, to draw as much character that the view has. To try and emulate the tree, the rock, the stream, or haybale as it exists in my view. Then I add the color, laying in my darks and exploring the contrast that attracted me to the view to begin with. Then Laying in the local color next and then adding highlights and refining shadows. To really capture the light interacting with the natural view is what I am attempting to accomplish. To finish a work that brings that moment out for all time so others can experience the same.

With Sculpture I explore, step back, explore, refine and try to achieve a sense of abstract to my work. Not to try and make something so unfamiliar but something simpler and less focused on the parts and more on the whole. I am a Sicangu Lakota and was raised to be a team player and a whole concept thinker. That my contributions to society affect and involve the community. So my individual sculpture work has always been searching to create a pathway for me to find my heritage, but yet simplifying it for all to understand. In my work I strive for an organic and energetic feel to the work, something that reminds others of fluid motion. My other work has focused or is strongly interested in demonstrating athletics and athletes in motion. The focal point of mine is to capture the moment before flight where one point is rooted but all others leaving the ground.


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