Mark Steele

2275 Forest Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

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Painting for me is an exploration. It is grounding. And it fuels me creatively. Every piece I do is largely an experiment or improvisation. Most pieces take a series of turns and usually involve getting completely lost. On route, textures accumulate, and the many layers leave behind faint footprints revealing the path taken. I am constantly amazed at the magic that happens by accident.

As a musician, I find rhythm, pace, syncopation, and melody very important in my paintings. Once I have the rhythm, established through strokes and texture, I add chords changes thru color, and finally embellish with a melody, usually an impressionist or realistic element that gives the abstraction more direction or meaning.

I still utilize my proficiency and love for Photoshop with many of my pieces. After building up a rich background, I’ll take a photo and then explore different concepts or design elements by mocking them up digitally before attempting physically. Some cases beg for an actual photographic image, and I will print elements to incorporate thru image transfer into the painting.

My goal is to create works of art that are multidimensional. I want to create pieces that set a mood as well as start a discussion. The image should be aesthetically pleasing while at the same time inspiring curiosity. I try to create pieces that will say something different depending on the light, distance or perspective in a room, and that will draw the viewer in to look more closely and discover the details of the different layering and subtractive techniques, textures, collage and image transfers.

I work with a wide range of media including oil and encaustic, but most often use acrylics. My special ingredients are gels (especially Golden’s Open gels which give the acrylics more of an oil feel and extend the drying time), tissue paper, and Mod Podge for image transfers. I love to keep materials out of the landfill, so I use a lot of mistinted house paint and my favorite surface is a hollow door.

Painting/Acrylic, Digital, Mixed Media

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