Leslie Staller

Boulder, CO

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The abstract and intimate nature (and sometimes urban scene) photographs are taken with an original (as in their first) Pentax DSLR with a macro lens or, alternatively, with the “best camera being the one in my pocket,” an iPhone using a macro app. They are lightly touched up, similar to a traditional darkroom development process, in Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. The digital montages are created from my original photographs and compiled in Photoshop into a single image which may contain up to 100 layers. Individual images layers in the composite are masked and blending modes applied to create a rich depth or to bend reality for an intimate visual experience. Images are archival inkjet printed on luster/semi-gloss or matte photo paper and available in various sizes.

The other mixed media artworks are original collages created on folded cardstock to create a 5” x 7” Artwork Locket collage made from traditional Japanese silkscreened papers (that have been hand or machine printed) as well as handmade Thai or Bali papers and upcycled end cuts of larger sheets of cover or decorative stock. The shapes are created from organically hand torn, free-cut with scissors or cut using a straight-edge and knife. The collages are on acid-free cardstock adhered with acid-free rubber paper cement. I have created photograph collage mixed media images for many year. The Japanese paper collages are relatively new having discovered those papers in 2019. I am working on a new series of larger photograph and mixed media images working with how to create harmony from these quite varied materials.

I have been a photographer since I was a kid and received my first Brownie Instamatic camera. I have a love of offering alternative views of the world through abstract and intimate images that deeply resonate and touch people. I have shown in both a private and gallery showing in Kingston, ON Canada as well as in Santa Fe, NM.

Photography, Digital, Mixed Media

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