Christine Springer

460 Japonica Way, Boulder, CO 80304

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I am a painter with two very different forms of inspiration and subject matter. I vacillate between capturing my interpretation of a landscape during a brief moment in time and capturing what transpires, often over long periods of time, in my own internal world. I paint in oil on canvas and mixed media on paper.

Exterior-focused Paintings:
Part of me is drawn towards the serenity of a simple landscape or a detail within. I have been obsessed with the study of plein air painting (painting in the open air) for the selfish reason that, as a plein air painter, I can step outside, immerse myself in nature and “work”. While painting in nature, I focus on communicating what I see and feel in the moment, while learning how to understand the interplay of edges, color and temperature on canvas. The mood of a time of day and place is probably what I focus on the most.

Additionally, the practice of plein air painting is one area where I generally feel 100% present and engrossed in what I’m doing, which feels like an absolute gift, a grounding. As an artist, art therapist and trauma therapist, the concept of practicing presence is exceedingly important. I enjoy painting the vast beauty in Boulder County and Colorado, and occasionally have the treat of painting in other locations.

Interior-focused Paintings:
The other part of me paints to express my thoughts, dreams and obsessions. I call these my “Mind’s Eye” paintings as they come from within and help me sort through my interior world. As a trauma therapist and art therapist, I often use this creative process to balance and make sense of what I see, hear and feel. I learn a lot about myself through these Mind's Eye paintings, which tend to follow the themes of solitary searching, the depths of the subconscious and paths/choices one has in life.


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