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I create images to illustrate love -- love of nature, connecting with spirituality, revealing the whimsical, and bridging healing and survival stories. After a near-death-experience (NDE) during cancer treatments, I made a choice to live my life differently from the hustle of the corporate world and reprioritized to focus on wellness and time in nature. We moved to the mountains and I began creating new art that is deeply personal and engenders more meaningful connections with collectors. An example is "Speed of Life," which illustrates the vibrant light and activity of early life that comes to a stop, then recalibrates to a pace of light and darkness (activity and rest) as we balance into later years of experiences.

Many images are partnered with ekphrastic-style poetry and essay, and I'm working on ways to display this partnership of words and images.

Having a camera in hand feels like an extension of my body and is the way I engage with and interpret the world. I began working with a Pentax K1000 at age 16, apprenticed with a professional studio, and had a career in media producing, writing, and leading content strategy. Now I work with a Sony A7iii, where I use natural light to evoke subtle strokes as if painting. I love discovering abstract concepts in natural environments and turning that into playful and emotion-evoking art.


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