Colleen Smith

Littleton, Colorado

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Juried Artist BPAF 2019

I focus mainly in oil and pastel paintings. I like to keep my artwork structured with good drawing yet I try to keep my brushstrokes loose enough so a viewer knows it’s a painting. The brushstrokes are used to create the impression of the scenery, how it was lit and how it felt to be there capturing the moment. I love working outdoors in plein air because I feel it helps me become a better painter by learning how light works with color. Most of my studio works are still lifes for the very same reasons. I feel I can always be learning despite having more than 30 years experience of art work experience!

I’ve grown to believe that fine art is for everyone because enjoyment of a beautiful moment captured in art can be understood by all. I've participated in the Littleton Plein Air Festival 2017, juried in and sold paintings at Colorado Plein Air Festival 2015 & 2014, and received an Honorable Mention at the PSC’s 10th Annual Mile High Exhibit 2014.


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