Anne Shutan

Studio #5

6671 Lake View Point Dr, Longmont, CO 80503

I have an intimate relationship with wood. Each piece has it's own secret. Discovering sensation in wood requires a lot of faith and patience. Laughter, pain, wonder, sensuality all deserve to be touched. My work allows visual and tactile connections with these primal emotions. With my favorite tool, the bandsaw, I am literally able to turn my sculptures inside-out exposing the true middle of the tree, usually the most hidden and protected. Finding the soft, sensual nature inside a rough material is an exciting challenge. Putting my sawblades into beckoning twists and cubes is all about listening/trusting that the soul of the wood will reveal itself. Sometimes this happens. For me, warm wood sculptures and doors are a welcome relief from the frantic qualities of todays world. I invite you to touch them as they touch you.

Sculpture, Furniture, Woodworking

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