Melissa Shawnee

Studio #36

1455 Yarmouth, Boulder CO 80304


Melissa Shawnee received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from Southern Connecticut State Univ. in 1999. In the winter of 2012, she directed new focus to painting, and had her first show in 2014. Since then, her work has been shown throughout the Boulder/Denver area, winning awards in both cities for her piece, ‘rise and shine.’

In Melissa’s realistic paintings, she uses the technical skill of molding to bring life and drama to inanimate objects. By using light and shadow with great contrast as well as subtle transition, she is able to bestow upon her subjects undeniable emotion, giving life to the lifeless.

In her figurative works, Melissa is expressing the energy of life and the transference of that energy when life is over. Things are being born, growing, dying, and, cycling onward. That energy cannot be created or destroyed, merely transformed, is the idea behind these works. Melissa is using figurative forms with movements of grace and fluidity to express the journey through this human life, and beyond.

Her inspiration comes, in part, from the iconic pop images of Warhol, the dramatic use of light by Dutch Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, and the surreal, weird, wonder of Salvador Dali. Melissa’s intention is to bring joy and intrigue, to make the viewer stop and step in for a closer look.


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