Jerry Shapins

644 Dewey Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

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I have been inspired to develop art much of my life. From undergraduate fine arts classes at Penn State to getting a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania I became interested in photography, sketching and painting early in my career. As a landscape architect and teacher and a co owner of Shapins Associates, a Boulder landscape architecture, planning and urban design company 1991-2007, I worked on city and open space parks, streets, and public space projects. I relied upon my artistic and graphic skills to develop projects that reflected aesthetic and ecological design intentions. I also taught graduate students design and planning skills in the early 1980’s at CU Denver.


Since beginning a new path as an artist in 2008 after retiring from Shapins Associates, and annually traveling to Italy and beyond, I now actively sketch and paint urban settings, poetic people places, landscapes, hill towns, atmosphere and birds. I love to capture light, movement, color, patterns and form with quick lines and brush strokes that capture cherished experiences and evoke the story of place. I particularly want to capture the delight and intimate character of urban places that provide people with the nurturing spirit and character of nature in the city. As more people need to live more compactly in cities to reduce the collective carbon footprint of urbanization, I want to show through my art that quality design of public urban places can help people to live beautifully with elegance.

Painting/Acrylic/Watercolor, Mixed Media, Drawing

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