Gabrielle Shannon

Denver, CO

I first explored my love of painting at The Art Students' League in New York and continued at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and Grove Arts in California. My passion for art extends well beyond painting. In early 1994, I co-founded “Urban Desires”... the first online art and culture magazine on the web. Urban Desires allowed me to explore and influence art in its many forms and won numerous awards and worldwide praise.

In 2011 when my husbands business took us west to Colorado. I suffered a traumatic brain injury the first week my family and I arrived in Boulder. It wasn't until two years after that incident while healing that I decided to paint again, full time. It took a literal knock on the head to bring me clarity of how precious time is in our lives, and how much I want to create in the time I have left.

Much of my work is an exploration of the states and stages of the dynamic energy that surrounds and fills us. Our connected universe—constantly shifting & transforming, or the growth that takes place in Spring after experiencing the death of Winter. Too small to see and too vast to comprehend. I am compelled to capture these fleeting patterns of change which are the only constant we have. 

I'm inspired by the water that make up our rivers & oceans… and exploring our connection to each other and the universe.

My artistic process is an organic layering of pigments, fluids & shapes interacting dynamically. I watch and tend the canvas as my creations develop. The process takes days… sometimes months with many layers. It’s all very intuitive and I never know exactly what will happen. I let the shapes that emerge drive my brushes as I finish each piece.


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