Cindy Sepucha

Boulder, CO

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I like to paint things that make people smile, chuckle, or otherwise put in a good mood. I use a few different techniques depending on my mood or the subject of my painting. Sometimes I just go straight to the painting part, not really thinking much about what the end result will look like. Sometimes, I lay out the composition meticulously with sketches and studies. And sometimes I start by laying out an "underpainting" of collage bits and pieces (usually when a blank canvas feels overwhelming). I like to play games with my art, like choosing 3 colors, one tool and a time limit to paint something; or plainting while my husband plays his guitar or drums (which currently reside in my studio); or filming my painting in time lapse; or painting in front of friends via Zoom (something I started since the COVID-19 stay at home order.) I would love to share my "Mystery Grab Bag Painting Challenge" with the public (see example here: It's a game I play with the same subject painted over and over again with different parameters of time, color, and tools. I find it to be a great way to sharpen my painting skills, plus it's fun and has yielded some really cool paintings that I wouldn't otherwise have created.

Painting/Acrylic/Oil/Watercolor, Mixed Media

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