Jane Seaton

Boulder, CO

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I feel totally ordinary. There being no dualism in my mind seems entirely normal! I follow a felt-sense guidance that rarely includes much second-guessing. It’s a bit like channelling: I just allow whatever wants to come through to do its thing.

After a couple of hours, the arising impulses can get more potent, wilder - but I still (consciously) just feel like “oh, ok, I’m just following the thread, no biggie.” There’s a profound sense of calm and almost complete unawareness of time or of physical needs. Then 3, 4, or occasionally 8 hours later, I'm done - or need to encounter that other reality called The Rest of my Life. There’s a soft clunk! as of re-entry from somewhere else. I realize for the ten-thousandth time that where I was wasn’t ordinary after all. I drive home seeing clouds as manifestations of god, feeling unutterably blessed that being alive includes THIS.

I’m forever passionately in love with the work of many artists and of many schools of art, from the Neolithic period on and from all over the world, but haven’t identified myself as part of a specific school of art. Thinking about this now, I've come up with the idea of defining myself an Archetypal Symbolist. Whew! Accurate, but doubt I’ll often use it. However if it’s helpful in this context, I’m an "Archetypal Symbolist."

Painting/Acrylic, Sculpture, Mixed Media

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