MaryLynn Schumacher

Studio #127

832 Cherryvale Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

My work veers between mystery and delight, intrigue and imagination. For the past 30 years I have been working with clay and in clay, exploring ways to make functional pieces and sculptural objects. All pieces are made of red clay using a variety of methods. Wheel thrown and altered shapes combine with forms built of slabs and details modeled by hand. Endless possibilities are inherent, limitless potential within the clay and for creativity.

Interacting with the clay, forms emerge; birds in mythical landscapes, animal totems, transportation for imagined journeys. Inspired by the sights, sounds, media, and culture surrounding me, the pieces are reflections of the world; combining patterns and forms of the natural environment, memories of spoken stories and written myths, influences of art from around the world and throughout time. I am interested in capturing a moment, a story, a poem; in creating an archetype of today.

Ceramic, Sculpture, Mixed Media

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