Lisa Gakyo Schaewe

Studio #27

4919 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304


Lisa engages in creative process as a form of meditation. Viewed as a practice, art making becomes both a way to be with not knowing and a means to know the Self and gain glimpses of the True Nature of Reality.

In that space, ordinary paintbrushes become implements for liturgy; a simple sketch or painting can become ritual; a way to offer oneself to the numinous, and guide to help to navigate mystery and help locate the sacred within.

“In the mundane, nothing is sacred. In sacredness, nothing is mundane.” -Dogen Zenji

Lisa’s primary medium lately has become encaustic - utilitzing bees wax and color pigments hardened with pine tree resin. She enhances each piece with oil paints, pastel dust and metal leaf. She also makes large large mystical land and sea scapes in acrylic and never strays far from her first love, photography.

Painting/Acrylic/Encaustic Mixed Media, Printmaking

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