Tami Satterfield

651 St Andrews Ln, Louisville, CO 80027, USA

I have been making and selling art in the professional art community for over 35 years. My work is narrative. I’m a storyteller. I believe we are all storytellers. That everything we do is aimed at telling a story, and that any wisdom drawn from such stories comes through sharing the stories. 

This series was born out of an environmental toxic injury that left my senses hyper-acute, revealing the quantum realm. When I healed, I wanted to share my story. The story that life is a mere snapshot in time, and no matter the passing of time, life shifts. It is in constant motion and with consequence. There are no accidents, only new realities.

 In this series, textures, and patterns make up the ground from which images emerge, suggesting all things share a common foundational reality. A variety of paints, inks, and stains are combined to create layers that ghost as well as hover, suggesting that while life is impermanent, we always have access to the past. That the past shapes the present, and the present determines the future. 

Historically, these paintings have been produced on re-purposed material to emphasize the notion of evolution. Influences include contemporary graffiti art, pop art, and colorfield work. The latest progression of this work focuses on birthing with a nod to the west coast figurative painters. Whether human, animal, flora, or fauna, the narrative message is always loving relationships.


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