Myah Sarles

Studio #105

4619 Chestnut Ln, Boulder, CO 80301

Ever since she was able, Myah has been creating. Fortunate to have been born to an incredibly creative and artistic mother, Myah's artistic gene was encouraged to fully express and flow in everything she encountered. As a child growing up in a forest surrounded by more four legged friends than other children to play with, a special connection with animals, nature and self was established early on in life, and today this is reflected in her work.

Fortunate to have traveled the globe extensively, Myah draws inspiration for her art from the best artist she knows - Mother Nature. Myah is consistently influenced by the textures, patterns and colors naturally present on Earth and uses this to fuel the fire for her art.

As diverse as our planet is, so are the different styles and techniques that Myah has explored in her art. The majority of paintings in her animal series use acrylic paint and oil pastel. Her pen series primarily use fine point paint pens and begins with very detailed pencil drawings. Her most recent sculptural work is created by hand forming layer upon layer of plaster impregnated cloth to create meditative patterns and abstract forms. Myah has been experimenting with this material for the past 7 years, and just can’t stop evolving her techniques and shapes. Besides the freedom and growth this medium has provided, Myah is drawn to the therapeutic effect of performing repetitive motions with her hands as she creates her art - layer upon layer upon layers.

Though the mediums and palettes of Myah's series vary, the subject matter revolves around similar ideas and concepts. Guided by her intuition, she attempts to express the energetic connection between life and all living things. Intrigued by the infinite combinations of color, design, shapes, and sizes that connect to form animals, plants and humans - Myah constantly experiments with new material and forms to create her art.

Although Myah's works employ different techniques, colors and material she describes her style as raw and organic. Striving to make visible the positive vibrations and energy that exists within one's self, life and all living things she hopes that she has inspired others to feel the connection within themselves, others and nature. She is truly thankful to be able to create this art and share this gift with others.

Painting/Acrylic, Sculpture, Mixed Media

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