Kristen Ross

1780 Lombardy Dr, Boulder, CO 80304

#58. The Crowd Collective

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Kristen Ross hails from sunny Boulder, Colorado, where she finds plenty of inspiration for her landscape and botanical acrylic paintings. Her work delves into the complex relationships between the land, its flora, and our selves, exploring how we view our surroundings through the distorted lens of our ever-shifting thoughts and emotions. Her dynamic color and contour linework echo the infinite tiny changes constantly occurring all around us, from the blooming of the tiniest flower to the erosion of the Rocky Mountains and the increasingly noticeable effects of climate change. This sense of impermanence, fleeting beauty and interdependence inspires her to find balance between observing and taking action.

Kristen's painting process begins as she explores the trails and National Parks near her home. In the studio, she translates her impressions onto canvas or panel, balancing traditional painting principles with intuitive experimentation. The eternal dance between structure and chaos never ceases to fascinate her.


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