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Kristen Ross


4939 Broadway, Boulder 80304

#58 - In the Crowd Collective, in teal warehouse directly across the parking lot behind Wapo's Mexican Restaurant. ADA access around back of warehouse.

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Drawn to Colorado in 2016, Kristen spends her free time exploring its wild spaces, returning to her studio at the Crowd Collective in North Boulder exhausted and inspired. With each painting, she seeks to capture the essence of a cherished memory of time spent in nature with family and friends.  

Kristen uses vivid color and line to deconstruct her own perception of the landscapes that inspire her. Filling her paintings with minute details that converge into impressionistic landscapes at a distance, her work explores the countless changes constantly occurring all around us, from the blooming of the tiniest flower to the erosion of the Rocky Mountains. Her interest in ecology, geology, and history drive her to learn about the places she paints in order to tell their stories in new and unique ways.

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