Scott Rodwin

Studio #48

1410 Quince Ave, Boulder CO 80304

2 blks east of Broadway, park on the street in front of the Nomad Theater. Studio is on east side of the theater.

Scott Rodwin is a painter and stone sculptor and from Boulder. An architect and dancer, he integrates both of these passions into his art. Scott graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor of Architecture in ’91, and is primarily self-taught as an artist. Scott has a tendency and willingness to fail repeatedly, and occasionally spectacularly; most of his sculptures have shattered as some point as Scott has taken the stone to the limits of its structural strength. Many of the canvases have multiple paintings layered on them, as newer one replaced the experiment underneath. Sometimes the visible layering becomes an integral element of the painting, adding depth, texture and history.

The acrylic on canvas paintings are generally a minimalist abstract expression, often either a dynamic, organic dance on canvas, or anchored by a horizon line and hinting at the essence of landscapes, but leaving much to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer.

The alabaster stone sculptures are sensual modern abstract playgrounds for the hands. Please DO touch them, close your eyes and you’ll see what I mean.

Scott has exhibited at Rembrandt Yard, Sculpture in the Park, The North American Sculpture Exhibition, Colorado Stone Sculptor’s Showcase, 825 Gallery, Tennyson Gallery, Smith Klein Gallery, Osmosis Gallery and Boulder’s Open Studios.

Sculpture, Painting/Acrylic

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