Mark Risius

Studio #55

4171 Piedre Pl, Boulder CO 80301

Mark Risius draws observers into his creative realms with his life-sized colorscapes. "My paintings are reminiscent of swimming in a tropical ocean off the coast of Thailand or being immersed in a Sedona sunrise.” Some of these works he cuts into long strips and weaves them over large wooden frames to create whole other worlds in themselves. Other works include oil on sandstone influenced by lucid dream states and the sunset canyon lands of Moab, Utah. Mark has been known to install acoustic guitar pickups on a stretched canvas so it can be amplified and used as a drum for live (and very messy) performances.

Through the mediums of art, music and writing, it is Mark’s intention to communicate directly with the deeper parts of us that long for the feeling of home.

Painting/Oil on Cloth

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