Kathleen Reilly

Longmont, Colorado

Juried Artist BPAF 2018 and 2019

As a child raised in western Pennsylvania, Kath Reilly loved to draw and paint and has never stopped painting and drawing since. She's always been attracted to many different aspects of landscape painting, having grown up on a farm in Pennsylvania, where the daily connection to nature was a big influence in her life.

After majoring in art in college, Kath spent some time working as a graphic designer and eventually moved to Colorado, where she worked as an illustrator while continuing to work in pastels and oils. The expansive skies, the brilliant sun-drenched winter mornings, and the far-reaching vistas of Colorado are an inspiration for her plein air paintings. She feels that getting out there in the field and working directly from nature brings a vitality and life to paintings that cannot often be found in the studio.


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