Ann Raabe

Studio #91

4944 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80301


I am inspired by the intense beauty and simplicity of bones. My work begins with sleuthing for sun-bleached bones in the desert. The found bones are taken into my studio and mounted on a backdrop of fractured mirror, glass, and shells into a 3D sculptural wall hanging. The whole is cohesively joined in a shimmering aura of reflective beauty. I have found that this shining matrix can unearth qualities that awaken facets of our latent and vast selves.

Bones are the elemental structure of every vertebrate on Earth. They are the foundational blocks of our bodies for the duration of our lifetimes, and are the last remnants of our physical selves after we die. They anchor us in the physical world and are symbolic of the entwined death and rebirth cycle. It is my hope that the raw power of the bones and the reflective quality of mirror can transport the viewer into the realization of our miraculous existence.

Jewelry, Mixed Media

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