Sue Quinlan

3716 N 61st St, Boulder CO 80301

North 1/2 mi. from Valmont and 61st Street

Drawing from symbolism, icons and mythic imagery, I use ancient architecture as the forum for my art. I typically use gray or white concrete and steel to construct free-standing or bas-relief pieces. These pieces are designed to take on the appearance of artifacts. My work is inspired by my research into ancient and more recent imagery associated with the cultures of Native Americans, Hispanics and Europeans, as well as influences from African and Asian art.

The focus of the work is education through diversity, a variety of images provide a rich cultural experience. The steel in my pieces is refinished with a rust patina that requires no maintenance, and concrete is well known for it superior durability. These are traditional building materials, but implemented with an interesting contrast to their typical modern usage. The scale and size of my pieces is appropriate, they are large enough to compliment open spaces, but with enough detail to be interesting on the human scale.

Painting/Acrylic/Watercolor, Sculpture

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