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A Popscape is an original artwork that combines 3 colors, 3 words or phrases, and 3+ graphic elements. It is then hand-painted with a Blessing Girl and printed onto t-shirts, silk scarves and tote bags. We offer a seasonal collection of Popscapes that can be personalized with a name added to the nose, and we also offer custom Popscapes that are created in collaboration with our clients. Our by-appointment only retail store and showroom is at 1435 Yarmouth Avenue, #106.

The Popscapes Team:

Brette Petway: I am an artist, artpreneur and mother living in Boulder, Colorado. I’ve built my creative career around inspiring people to heal through art, as well as creating products that surround you with joy and beauty. I am so very honored to be able to share my art with you!

Welcome to my latest venture, Popscapes! I'm the artist behind collaging all the printed elements and hand-painting the hair and eyes onto the face you see in the center of every Popscape. She is called a Blessing Girl, and she is the heart and soul of every Popscape, a magical presence that shines her light onto all the elements. As a visual storyteller, I create the Blessing Girl as the final piece of a story that weaves through your soul's favorite words, your eye's favorite colors and your heart's wishes. Painting this element while holding open my heart to your dreams is my way of blessing you with positive vibes and joy.

Sheena Goldblatt:  In addition to being responsible for all marketing and sales at Popscapes, I have the honor of curating all the graphic elements that make up a Popscape collage. I select each background, face, lips and elements from millions of images on the internet, and spend hours finding them and editing them to perfection so that they are exactly what you wanted.

Mixed Media/Wearables

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