Catherine Pistone

Studio #71

1510 Mapleton Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Located in the alley carriage house/east side of 15th and Pine Street

Primarily abstract, my paintings are a celebration of color; they are spontaneous and radiate happiness. The imagery is often completely organic and is ignited by good feelings that come from music that makes you want to dance, the feeling of gratitude that comes from hiking, the adventures of travel, and seeing art from post war American painters with compositions and colors so impressive it makes your heart stop. This is why I'm an artist - this is what drives my practice.

The process of my work is a dance with the canvas; just like a selected sequence, I playfully layer energetic colors creating movement and allowing the composition to emerge naturally, all the while staying mindful of my imaginary light source, creating a colorful performance.

I believe in feeling inspired and sharing happiness, by creating art I invite you to participate.


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T: 303-444-1862

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