Jala Pfaff

Studio #74

3270 Meredith Way, Boulder, CO 80301

I paint in oils, oil with cold wax, and in soft pastel. My current focus is nonfigurative minimalism. I studied classical drawing, painting, and sculpture at the Colorado Academy of Art. I relate to Mies van der Rohe’s statement that “an interesting plainness is the most difficult and precious thing to achieve.” I liken it to Buddhist concepts of humility, calmness, and clear vision. My artistic “heroes” include Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, Susan Rothenberg, Richard Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin, and Brice Marden. I strive to reduce an image to a point where maximum expression is realized via a minimum of means.

I am fascinated by bold statements of color as well as the most exquisite of subtleties. And the relativity of color—the way in which, say, a gray appears more blue when juxtaposed with orange, and vice versa—never fails to engage me visually. I am aesthetically drawn to the questions of minimalist art--how much does an image "need" to be interesting, and at what point does it cross the line into "too much?"

Painting/Oil, Drawing

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