Tim Peterson

Spearfish, South Dakota

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Juried Artist BPAF 2018

My studio work is primarily figurative and is based on scenes witnessed by chance captured by memory. Plein air paintings force me to use the opposite side of my "artists brain." These landscape paintings are the result of a deliberate search and in a location of my own choosing. I am also required to make timely decisions due to ever-changing conditions, a factor that does not occur in a studio setting. I feel the plein air process serves to strengthen my overall abilities. I also believe the best way to really know a location, to feel and understand where we are, is to paint it.

Another component of plein air work is the opportunity to work in a public setting. Most will never get the chance to see an artist at work and I take pleasure in conversations with interested people. In particular, it is a great joy to see children's reactions to the work. As the art life is a mostly solitary endeavor, I also enjoy visiting with my peers and have formed long term friendships with fellow plein air artists. The challenges of plein air painting include weather, elevation, and busy traffic on narrow roads, all of which pale before the beauty of the American West.


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