Andrea Pereira de Almeida

Chicago, IL

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Juried Artist BPAF 2018

Painting is the best way I know to express what I see and feel. It’s therapeutic and freeing because it enables me to get what is in my head out and onto paper. I am in control—I get to make the decisions without being influenced by others. It’s a solo activity, which allows me to connect with myself and learn more about who I am. I like how moment-to-moment it is—I can change the direction of my composition any time, without worrying that I have to stick to a plan. To make good art, I have to be present—to observe myself, the things around me, and be conscious of what I’m putting on the paper or canvas. This teaches me to shut off (or a least calm down) my wandering mind.

I paint mostly with gouache on paper. The scenes I choose are usually things I saw that day. They’re moments when I stopped thinking, even for just a second, to observe where I was and how I felt. My paintings are my way of expressing the beauty that I observe. I mount some of my paintings onto wood panels and cover them with a coat of resin. Because gouache dries with a matte finish, this adds a bit of shine and dimension to the otherwise flat painting.


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