Lisa Pentz

On display at the Holiday POP! Gallery

Lyons, CO, USA

Lisa has been passionate about art for as long as she can remember. She grew up in Vienna, Virginia where she was highly encouraged by her family and teachers in her art endeavors. She started painting in oil 19 years ago and has poured herself into learning as much as possible about all aspects of creating a good painting. She has studied with highly acclaimed artists such as Sheri McGraw, Tom Browning, Jake Gaedtke, Kevin Wechback, Teresa Vito, Lani Vlaanderen and Linda Faul.  

“I have found that painting in oils allows me to express myself more than any other medium. I love the fluidity and sculptural qualities oil paint offers. I enjoy painting whatever moves me - still lifes, landscapes, animals and figurative works. I strive to bring out the play of light and color on the subject I am painting and hope to share the passion I feel for my subject matter. I want to be able to create a meaningful emotion response for others through my work.”  

Lisa enjoys painting outside "en plein air" as well as in her studio in Lyons. Her work is categorized in the representational style. She works from photographic images as well as from life.  

Lisa has exhibited in many shows regionally and nationally and has received multiple awards.  

She has also taken up a new passion which is creating creating jewelry.

Painting/Oil, Jewelry

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