Inga Pae

Studio #23

4939 N Broadway #58, Boulder CO 80304

#58 - In the Crowd Collective, in the teal warehouse directly across the parking lot behind Wapo's Mexican Restaurant. ADA-access around back of warehouse.

I create photography-based collage, portrait and poster art to spark fresh conversation in your home or office. I’ve always been drawn to collage-based works, because they show the fragmented nature of our world, but also its’ togetherness. Elements from different realms can be assembled into a new reality: surprising and disjointed, but deeply connected nonetheless.

Lately, I have been working more actively on portrait collages, assembling my own photography with images that have symbolic connection to a person. A modern portrait can be visually abstract, minimal or conceptual, and serve brilliantly as large scale wall art. You can make it incredibly personal and meaningful, communicating what’s alive right now and setting your intention for the next chapter in your life. I love building these works in true collaboration — from concept creation and style selection to how they will be installed. What do you want to magnify in your life? Possibilities abound.


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T: 303-444-1862

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