Carly Owens

103 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302

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My work is often conceptually influenced by the tension between dualities; blessings and curses, lightness and darkness, dreams and nightmares. I utilize numerous techniques and mediums to create surreal compositions that are both ethereal and dark. My handcrafted wearable art pieces are all embroidered solely by myself. Goldwork embroidery- the time consuming art of embroidering with metal- is at the core of my practice. My goal is to recontextualize this historic medium making it wearable for today. Eyes are a recurring motif within my work. Inspired by the disembodied gaze of Victorian Lover’s Eye portraiture, my pieces serve as a symbolic device for expressing the polaric spectrum of emotions from exaltation to anguish to melancholy.

Painting, Wearable Art

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