Charli Ornett

Studio #90

4944 Pearl St Suite G, Boulder, CO 80301

In my painting I explore the tension between the definite and the amorphous, that place where a hard edge or line meets the soft and yielding. In both art and life I think this border between land and sky, sleeping and waking, curiosity and certainty, is where we are most alive and can see most clearly.

Working with molten wax and pigment, I build up layers and textures then scrape the cooled paint back to reveal the hidden history of place and form. The effect of this process is to draw the gaze into the depths of the painting, allowing it to become a window to an inner landscape.

I have been working with encaustic mixed media since 2001. Paintings are in private collections in the US and Italy, as well as in the institutional collections of Cisco Systems, and many homes and offices in San Francisco, Boulder, and Denver.

Painting/Encaustic, Mixed Media

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