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Dottie Oatman


2881 21st St, Boulder, CO 80304

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Often I see something or read something and say to myself, “I HAVE to paint that.” I don’t always know why, but a force in me prevails — I paint. I paint with my senses. My paintings capture a sense of wonder and delight in the sensual beauty that surrounds us daily. I want my paintings to come alive with freshness, to sing with color, to wallow in rich shadows. Sometimes I find myself telling a kind of story through my paintings, perhaps clearly a drama between the images or characters painted, or at other times, not so clearly, a suggested relationship between objects on a table or a vase of flowers past their prime. I love the spontaneity of watercolor painting. I love to experiment in some way with each new painting, following the question of “what would happen if…?” I am always learning something new in my painting process, or re-learning old things temporarily forgotten.

I've been painting with watercolors since I graduated with an M.A. in art therapy in 1982. I started teaching painting almost 20 years ago and truly love to teach, to explore again and again this somewhat elusive medium of watercolor. I'm always aiming to become looser and more spontaneous in my paintings and I encourage my students to be brave, to treasure their accidents, and to be slobs, as my first painting teacher encouraged me.

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