Kathryn Moller

2101 Jonathan Pl, Boulder, CO 80304

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Life is a collection of multiple journeys and stories. I have deeply explored and created in the worlds of dance, choreography, directing, performance art, devising, music, painting, puppet (Wayang Kulit), yoga. In all of these artistic, creative worlds the ideas of concept and composition are consistent. Right now, in my journey through painting I automatically use conceptual and compositional elements from devising, writing, dance, theatre, puppetry, performance art, and painting to guide and inform my work. Space, time, shape, flow, topography, violence, repetition, voice, energy, breath, color, texture, line, resistance and memory all surface and resurface in my processes as tools/elements that blur the boundaries between disciplines and open doors for possibilities in visual art, specifically painting. Now settled in Boulder, CO, I have turned to painting as my primary endeavor. Living in and loving the Boulder art scene with so many mentors and colleagues, I am looking forward to continuing meaningful contribution to Boulder arts community, and the arts industry.


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