Sarah McNaughton

2907 55th St, Boulder, CO 80301

Unit 4B

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I am a local artist, growing up in Longmont, Colorado. My. background is in Art Education, however with the birth of my first daughter I decided to pursue my art as an entrepreneur instead of teach, so that I could raise my girls. I specialize in Pet Portraits and Jewelry. I am an animal lover, having grown up with dogs, cats, rabbits.... and rats! Animals have always been there for me at every stage of my life, helping me to remember the simple things, to get out into nature, to not worry so much. Animals taught me how to love and take care of another living creature. Receiving a painting that captures the spirit and unconditional love that a pet possesses brings immense joy to families. This delights my heart. Since our animals don’t live with us as long as we would like, these paintings are a way to hold them in our hearts for a lifetime. I also love creating beautiful jewelry, bracelets and earrings that accentuates a woman's inner beauty and lets it shine for the world to see!

Painting, Jewelry

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