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Merry McMahan

Sculpture/Wire, Mixed Media

1435 Washburn St, Erie, CO 80516

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"A horse is a thing of such beauty...none will tire of looking at him as long as he displays himself in his splendor."  Xenophon 430-354 BC

Horses have had a prominent role throughout the world's history including myth and legend. This is true especially for the American West. Horses have always been the muse for my art. Wire, however, is new to me as an art medium. These equine sculptures began with collecting discarded and repurposed materials. Assisted by a pair of pliers and some fencing wire- the horses emerged. I have learned that the wire often takes the lead and guides the process. Trusting this process has been an adventure. Trial and error has resulted in a herd of imperfect, playful sculptures to honor this ethereal creature. Horses seem to straddle two worlds just hovering above the tangible with one hoof in the heavenly. Powerful in their ability to effortlessly balance both strength and fragility, I find beauty in the equine's noble vulnerability. It is my hope that these equine sculptures, through their primitive simplicity, may offer

an open invitation for response or reflection.

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