Megan McCarthy

4931 Maxwell Ave, Longmont, CO 80503

I consider myself an expressionist, creating images that evoke the emotions of a time or place, sparking reactions to color placement and quality of strokes as much as association of images. I was fortunate to participate in a residency workshop at La Porte Peinte in Noyers Sur Serein, France last year, and some of my application pieces were painted there or inspired by that experience. (Grace’s Peonies, French Peony Garden, Evening Cacophany, Noyers, French Windows.)

A few years ago I spent some time in the Tuscany region of Italy, and friend who had travelled with me commissioned the pieces Vine to Table – Colle Bereto and Radda as tribute to the beautiful places we experienced. It was a gift to me to re-experience those places through putting paint to canvas.

As an experiment, a fellow painter and I exchanged canvases we had started work on to see what the outcome would be. We were so successful we plan to continue our “art swap,” and I’ve done a second painting in this submission that was done on a found canvas. The initial work was entirely shades of gray with a small accent of pink, and my toning over that was using the remaining paint on my palette upon completion of Radda. It was extraordinary the process of the existing shapes and predetermined palette unveiling an entirely new image, Prairie Night Sky. I’m inspired to pursue this method of painting further and honored to say Prairie Night Sky has been selected for a juried show at R Gallery in Boulder.

I’ve also spent time studying in Georgia with my instructor from La Porte Peinte, Trish Land. Working in her studio with a dozen other artists was inspiring, and I appreciated it from an art lovers vantage as much as from an artist’s view. I would love to provide a small amount of that inspiration to the Open Studio Tour patrons and have their interest and curiosity fuel the energy of my artistic pursuits. My intention is to have paintings in various stages to show my process of initial toning/sketching through a completely fleshed out painting. So many people never see anything but the finished piece. I tend to love the beginning stages of a painting, as the images gradually are drawn to the surface, like a photograph being developed.


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