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Megan McCarthy


2810 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Studio E: From Valmont go south on Wilderness Place. 2810 is at the far south end of the complex, there is parking directly in front of the studios, D & E share an entrance on the west end of the building.

Despite painting all my life I find myself constantly learning and reimagining my art. If I had to label myself, I would say my style is Impressionistic. But I frequently stray into the world of the abstract which I both admire and have certain aspirations towards. The longer I immerse myself in the art world around me, the greater my appreciation for the "mechanics" of a painting becomes - the palette and markings - beyond the actual image. I believe both aspects can equally evoke emotions, and the combination can be potent. 

At the current moment I'm excited at the prospect of becoming an Abstract Impressionist, time will tell! I've also delved into reproducing my work in other mediums. My mentor introduced me to a company the prints original art on a variety of items, and I've fallen in love with their art scarves. I'm planning to delve into pendants with images of my work after admiring those of a fellow artist.  It's such a completely different way to display and share your work as something a person can wear and take with them everywhere!

I believe a lot of my newfound inspiration comes from the fabulous artists I share Wilderness Art Studios with. There is such depth to the variety of styles, personalities, experience levels... and such a generous spirit of supporting and encouraging one another. I feel truly grateful to be a part of this community and know that my work has improved as a result. My studio is a wonderful, light-filled space that allows for the display of my work in addition to the room to work. There's certainly strength in numbers, and I feel very fortunate to be part of this artists' group. 

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